Wilson nCode 6.1 Graf SMU

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Recent image of Steffi Graf

Recent image of Steffi Graf

  • Steffi Graf
    Tennis Player
  •  Stefanie Maria “Steffi” Graf is a former World No. 1 German  tennis player. In total, Graf won 22 Grand Slam singles titles,  second among male and female players only to Margaret  Court’s 24. Wikipedia

This racquet was made for Steffi Graf in late 2005.  When you, or me in this case, pick up the racquet the first reaction is wow, this is heavy!  You would be correct! The racquet is standard length but the long grip makes it look longer so the optics contribute to the recognition of weight.

And, the head size is 85 square inches not 95 as would be expected given the “95”designation on the racquet.

Another interesting thing about SMU (Special Make Up) racquets is the data printed on the inside of the shaft.  You can not depend on it!  This racquet has all the markings of a standard nCode Six-One 95 but the string pattern is actually 18×20 not 16×18 as designated on the racquet.

Racquet ModelWilson nCode Six-One Graf
Reference TensionNot Strung
StringNot Strung
Static Data
ASPS, FlexFour0
Racquet Flex, RDC59
Racquet Flex, FlexFour37
Weight, Gram342.3
Weight, Ounce12.07
Balance, mm313
Balance, Inch12.32
Length, cm68.6
Length, Inch27.01
Head Width9.10
Head Length12.03
Head Area, sq cm554.7
Head Area, sq in86.0
Number of Main Strings18
Number of Cross Strings20
Ratio Cross/Main0.681
Main String Grid7.00
Cross String Grid9.50
Average Cross String Spacing0.475
Average Main String Spacing0.389
Dynamic Data
Dynamic Tension, KP, ERTNot Strung
Dynamic Tension, Lbs/inNot Strung
First Moment, Nm0.816
Polar Moment328
Torsional Stability12
Swing Weight, Gram316
Swing Weight, Ounce11.15
Swing Weight Calculated335.3
Power, RDCNot Strung
Control, RDCNot Strung
Maneuverability, RDC
Not Strung
Power, Calculated1619.0
Head Points9.45
Head Weight, Percent45.6
Center of Percussion21.0
Dwell Time, MsNot Strung
Effective StiffnessNot Strung
K, lb/inNot Strung
Recoil Weight163.03
Twist Weight214.26

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