Head Protector Mid Plus

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The Head Protector series consisted of two (2) models.  The one you see here is the Mid Size model and the most popular as far as I know.  The popularity was not mis-placed however!  The concept uses a “chip” that reverses the frequency of the impact essentially negating the feeling of vibration in the hand and arm.

This technology, very likely, had no obvious advantage(s) since “vibration” is in the hands of the beholder, simply did not convert to sales.

The technology typically is called piezo technology and has been, no doubt, replaced by various accelerometers in the current “interactive” racquet(s).

The racquet even without the “chip” was a nice hitting racquet and the stiffness was belied by the wide beam.  This racquet was not that stiff at an RDC value of 66.

Racquet ModelHead Protector Mid Size
Reference TensionNot Strung
StringNot Strung
Static Data
ASPS, FlexFour0
Racquet Flex, RDC66
Racquet Flex, FlexFour66
Weight, Gram270.4
Weight, Ounce9.54
Balance, mm353
Balance, Inch13.90
Length, cm69.7
Length, Inch27.441
Head Width10.00
Head Length13.09
Head Area, sq cm663.4
Head Area, sq in102.8
Number of Main Strings16
Number of Cross Strings19
Ratio Cross/Main0.643
Main String Grid7.20
Cross String Grid9.88
Average Cross String Spacing0.520
Average Main String Spacing0.450
Dynamic Data
Dynamic Tension, KP, ERTNot Strung
Dynamic Tension, Lbs/inNot Strung
First Moment, Nm0.751
Polar Moment308
Torsional Stability13
Swing Weight, Gram295
Swing Weight, Ounce10.41
Swing Weight Calculated336.9
Power, RDCNot Strung
Control, RDCNot Strung
Maneuverability, RDC
Not Strung
Power, Calculated2082.2
Head Points-1.42
Head Weight, Percent50.6
Center of Percussion20.9
Dwell Time, MsNot Strung
Effective StiffnessNot Strung
K, lb/inNot Strung
Recoil Weight124.1
Twist Weight201.6


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