Kneissl White Star Aero

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This is the “standard” size version of the Kneissl White Star Aero 30 that is also in this museum.  Most of the comments valid for the  “Aero 30″ apply to this racquet.  As with the most of the Kneissl racquets of this era this racquet was manufactured in Austria, probably in the same facility as the famous Kneissl snow skis.

As with most Kneissl racquets this one is white with red graphics.  I mention this because the red graphics have not withstood the raves of time!  They have turned brown and are not that attractive now.  However, when this was new it was a great looking frame.

The white/gray leather grip was a great feeling and durable one and I am holding it in my hand right now.  I may try to clean it.  An interesting design feature of many Kneissl racquets was the very small butt cap.  Compared to todays racquets these did not have much of a “flare”.  This made gripping very low on the racquet very comfortable.

If the cross section of the hoop looks familiar it should!  The Babolat Aero series uses a  similar design.


Racquet ModelKneissl White Star Aero Mid Size
Reference TensionNot Strung
StringNot Strung
Static Data
ASPS, FlexFour0
Racquet Flex, RDC55
Racquet Flex, FlexFour51
Weight, Gram341.6
Weight, Ounce12.05
Balance, mm317
Balance, Inch12.48
Length, cm68.6
Length, Inch27.01
Head Width9.09
Head Length11.56
Head Area, sq cm532.7
Head Area, sq in82.6
Number of Main Strings18
Number of Cross Strings19
Ratio Cross/Main0.745
Main String Grid7.63
Cross String Grid9.26
Average Cross String Spacing0.487
Average Main String Spacing0.424
Dynamic Data
Dynamic Tension, KP, ERTNot Strung
Dynamic Tension, Lbs/inNot Strung
First Moment, Nm0.828
Polar Moment327
Torsional Stability13
Swing Weight, Gram314
Swing Weight, Ounce11.08
Swing Weight Calculated343.3
Power, RDCNot Strung
Control, RDCNot Strung
Maneuverability, RDC
Not Strung
Power, Calculated1440.1
Head Points8.19
Head Weight, Percent46.2
Center of Percussion20.6
Dwell Time, MsNot Strung
Effective StiffnessNot Strung
K, lb/inNot Strung
Recoil Weight155.5
Twist Weight213.5

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