Head FlexPoint Prestige Mid SMU

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This is the one you PT freaks have been waiting for!  A truly unique racquet that was the choice of many pro’s for several years.  As you would expect this is not an ordinary stick!  The SMU probably gives it away.  SMU means “Special Makeup Unit” and this has been applied to many racquets over the years.

Why?  Many players that make a living at tennis find a racquet that really connects with them and they hate, hate to give it up.  So what happens when the manufacturer introducers a new model (that the pro does not like) they need to make “old” racquets look new.  Some people call this a “paint job” but it is far more than that in most cases.

You will see that a quick glance tells you this is a FlexPoint racquet, but, a closer look will show you that the “flex point” is indeed a “graphic”!  In this case it is the graphic that is used on the “junior” version of FlexPoint racquets.

This is not an uncommon practice.   Consider the professional is simply not going to change racquets every time the factory makes a new version.  It would be impossible!  Most of the SMU racquets have had some “customization” done so it will not be what the factory produced anyway.  So, don’t get too excited about the fact a professional does not necessarily play with the same racquet you do.

Racquet ModelHead FlexPoint Prestige SMU
Reference TensionNot Strung
StringNot Strung
Static Data
ASPS, FlexFour0
Racquet Flex, RDC64
Racquet Flex, FlexFour41.5
Weight, Gram335.9
Weight, Ounce11.85
Balance, mm315
Balance, Inch12.40
Length, cm68.6
Length, Inch27.008
Head Width9.31
Head Length12.47
Head Area, sq cm588.3
Head Area, sq in91.2
Number of Main Strings18
Number of Cross Strings20
Ratio Cross/Main0.672
Main String Grid7.06
Cross String Grid10.00
Average Cross String Spacing0.500
Average Main String Spacing0.392
Dynamic Data
Dynamic Tension, KP, ERTNot Strung
Dynamic Tension, Lbs/inNot Strung
First Moment, Nm0.807
Polar Moment329
Torsional Stability12
Swing Weight, Gram317
Swing Weight, Ounce11.18
Swing Weight Calculated333.3
Power, RDCNot Strung
Control, RDCNot Strung
Maneuverability, RDC
Not Strung
Power, Calculated1868.4
Head Points8.82
Head Weight, Percent45.9
Center of Percussion21.2
Dwell Time, MsNot Strung
Effective StiffnessNot Strung
K, lb/inNot Strung
Recoil Weight164.03
Twist Weight219.32


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