Aldila Gemini

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Aldila, in case you didn’t know is a Poway California company that mastered the graphite golf shaft several years ago and decided to take that mastery to tennis racquets.  The golf shafts are still going, as far as I know, but the tennis racquets are not as lucky!

The Gemini, shown here, is the sister to the Aldila Cannon that was the flagship of their offerings.  What made these racquets unique is that they were not of the “blown” construction methods but used a compression molding technique.  In other words the racquets were not hollow!

Most of string holes did not have grommets but were highly polished with nice rounded edges.  The upper portion of the head did have a bumper/grommet as did the inside and around the throat.

These racquets were very expensive, for the time, at around $300.00 but the quality and performance was worth it to many players.

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