Wilson Profile 2.7 95

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The Wilson Profile series is recognized as the successful introduction of very stiff racquets to the mass market. The Profile, while not for everyone, suited a various style of player. The 110 square inch size simply allowed the player to make contact with the ball anywhere on the string bed and it had a really good chance of being a good shot. The 95 square inch we are looking at here did require slightly more “talent” to maximize the racquet’s performance.

What made the Profile so unique? Perhaps it was the patented “vibration frequency” which dictated the shape, or Profile, of the series. Vibration frequency is the best way to test for racquet stiffness and stiffness is a huge contributor to “power”. I don’t remember the specifications exactly but the frequency ranged from 200 to 225 Hz. So, no other racquet manufacturer could produce a racquet that fell into that frequency range.

Many manufacturers, myself included, tried various methodologies to design racquets that had good power capabilities but did not infringe on the profile patent. It was not easy and I don’t think anyone was very successful.

The Profile 2.7 95 is a fairly rare racquet. The Profile 3.6 was also available.

Racquet ModelWilson Profile 2.7 95
Reference TensionNot Strung
StringNot Strung
Static Data
ASPS, FlexFour0
Racquet Flex, RDC82
Racquet Flex, FlexFour89.5
Weight, Gram347.1
Weight, Ounce12.24
Balance, mm316
Balance, Inch12.44
Length, cm68.55
Length, Inch27.00
Head Width9.37
Head Length12.54
Head Area, sq cm595.1
Head Area, sq in92.2
Number of Main Strings16
Number of Cross Strings18
Ratio Cross/Main0.664
Main String Grid7.75
Cross String Grid9.90
Average Cross String Spacing0.550
Average Main String Spacing0.484
Dynamic Data
Dynamic Tension, KP, ERTNot Strung
Dynamic Tension, Lbs/inNot Strung
First Moment, Nm0.837
Polar Moment348
Torsional Stability15
Swing Weight, Gram333
Swing Weight, Ounce11.75
Swing Weight Calculated346.5
Power, RDCNot Strung
Control, RDCNot Strung
Maneuverability, RDC
Not Strung
Power, Calculated2518.8
Head Points8.35
Head Weight, Percent46.1
Center of Percussion21.4
Dwell Time, MsNot Strung
Effective StiffnessNot Strung
K, lb/inNot Strung
Recoil Weight173.49
Twist Weight229.09

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