Babolat Pure Drive 130th Anniversary Edition

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Not many people know that Babolat was the first company to make natural gut string for tennis, and that was 130 years ago in 2005!

I was excited to have the opportunity to attend the 130th birthday party and recieve a Babolat Pure Drive racquet with the autographs of all, or most, of the Babolat “Team Players”.  These players date back to René Lacoste and include most of the top players since then!

On the shaft is the signature of all the Babolat family members that have managed the company.  The first name is that of Pierre Babolat and the latest name is that of Eric Babolat the current CEO.  These names are important to me, and many others, because we have been in the company of at lease three (3) them!

Every tennis player knows the growth of the Babolat brand over the last ten (10) years and we are better for it.  I have been to the Babolat facilities in Lyon, France and the commitment to the sport has never been greater.

I fear you can not see the depth of the graphics on this racquet but they are extraordinary.  If you are near Racquet Quest in Casselberry please stop by and see this racquet.

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