Wilson (K)Tour 95 Davenport

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Lindsay Davenport proved to be a durable player on the WTA Tour.  If I remember correctly she had a short time off to have their first child then returned to the tour and regained a respectable ranking.

  • Lindsay Ann Davenport is a former World No. 1 American professional tennis player. She has won three Grand Slam singles tournaments and an Olympic gold medal in singles. She was ranked World No. 1 on eight different occasions. Wikipedia
Lindsay Davenport

The racquet she used, and you will see below, was not an off the shelf unit.  Most (K)Tour’s were 16 x 20 string pattern but to help control and string life her racquet was 18 x 20 string pattern.  This is not an unusual request from professionals.

The “standard” racquet had a molded on polyurethane grip pallet.  Lindsay’s racquet however had the grip shape (pallet) molded as part of the carbon tube.  One benefit of this process is the pallet edges are very sharp.  You will see the detail below.  This is not a normal request.


The images of the racquet are in the “uncut” condition.  Since this racquet is “in process” there is no “data sheet”.

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