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Volkl HiSpeed 35

Volkl High Speed 35

Volkl has, for many years, made fabulous winter sports equipment and tennis racquets!  The Volkl Highspeed 35 is a prime example of the forward thinking even in the early 90’s. The Highspeed 35 designation...

Volkl Grand Slam Front

Volkl Grand Slam

The Volkl Grand Slam was a contemporary of the Highspeed 35 but for a different target player.  The head size is smaller but the beam height is about the same except at the very...

Volkl C10 Pro Front

Volkl C10 Pro

As with all Volkl racquets the “10” series represents the “player” model and is it ever a players racquet!  The C10 Pro is the “thinnest” of thin racquets and that was, visibly, the mark...